Natural Cheap Skin Care With Amazing Results

Okay ladies, you’ve seen the skin care options, and the hefty prices, because it’s “advanced science,” right? Pretty slick advertising too. Well stop the planet for a second – with a few of the right maneuvers, you can have gorgeous skin without the cost, or the big science, and I can tell you 5 easy steps to take, and the most convenient way to do it. I’m aware that there are some excellent lines of skin care that exist, if you’ve got the pocket for it, but I’m not writing this to pitch any of them here. I want to send you to the grocery store with a list. Fear not – this is all amazingly worthwhile!

Here’s the grocery list: Extra virgin olive oil, plain yogurt, margarine in a small tub, sugar – bag or packets, apple cider vinegar, and 100% cotton balls. A quick one time only visit to a Dollar Store will also be in order to make the whole process as easy as possible, but once you obtain these supplies, you’ll never have to do this again. You’ll need two clear plastic condiment bottles, similar to those used for ketchup and mustard, a sugar dispenser, if you don’t choose to use sugar packets, and disposable cake decorating bags (for icing). A small carrying case or basket is also essential to keep all these items in the refrigerator for easy in-and-out access. It’s important that you make the process neat and easy, or you will not want to do it.

Step 1 – In the morning, use plain yogurt to wash your face and neck area. (Hopefully, you’ve removed make-up the night before). Squeeze a generous 2 or 3 tablespoons into your hand and massage face and neck gently for about a minute, then rinse thoroughly. It’s okay to include the delicate skin around the eyes, but do be careful not to get yogurt IN your eyes. It’s not harmful, but as with anything listed here, the eye doesn’t appreciate anything foreign.

Step 2 – After rinsing, empty at least 2-3 sugar packets, or about a tablespoon of sugar in the palm of your hand. You can use any approximate amount that you feel is best for you. If you have sensitive skin, you might use less, and add a little water to create a paste. Using gentle pressure, proceed to scrubbing your face and neck in circular motions. Focus on areas of dry skin and wrinkles, but be gentle around the eye area. Again, avoid actual eye contact. Sugar has topical antibacterial properties and is fabulous for exfoliation. Scrub until the sugar has mostly dissolved and rinse thoroughly with warm water first, followed by slightly cooler water. (This is actually important for closing pores).

Step 3 – Pat dry with a clean, cotton towel, and use a mix of one part Apple Cider Vinegar and three parts filtered (or purified) water as a toner. Use a cotton ball to gently apply all over face and neck. Apple Cider Vinegar offers the skin proper pH balance, which is ideal to help avoid breakouts and overly oily or dry skin. While your face is still damp, apply Step 4.

Step 4 – Margarine. Do not use butter, unless you want clogged pores! Margarine will not clog pores, and even though it may appear to be a bit greasy at first, you will find that it absorbs perfectly in about 10-15 minutes, leaving you with a healthy dewy look. This step, combined with the sugar scrub creates a fresh, youthful glow. If you have very oily skin, it would be best to avoid the t-zone area most of the time and only dab a little margarine around dry areas, wrinkles and eyes. As always, don’t get it IN your eyes.

Step 5 – In the evenings, take about a ½ teaspoon of olive oil and gently spread it over your face and eye area – without getting it in your eyes. Then use a wet, warm 100% cotton cloth or soft disposable cloth to wipe off make-up. Give special but gentle attention to eye make-up but be careful not to pull this area too much. After this, you repeat steps 1 through 4. It’s fine to leave out the sugar exfoliation at night if you wish to, because exfoliation is generally only needed once a day.
For Extra Pampering (Optional)

Put the fleshy part of a green papaya skin in a food processor and create a creamy texture. After cleansing your face with yogurt and apple cider vinegar, apply a layer of papaya over the neck and face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. The papain enzymes help remove dead skin cells, even out discolorations, and repair skin problems as well. Do this about once a week, or gauge to your own needs.

If you have oily skin, mix together 2 tablespoons of ground oatmeal (you can make oatmeal finer by running it through a clean coffee grinder or small chopper) then add two tablespoons of aloe vera juice and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Make a paste and massage gently for a minute, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Oatmeal is very soothing for irritated skin and can absorb excessive oils.

Important Tips

Stir brand new yogurt until smooth and use a cake decorating sleeve to transfer to a condiment bottle. Just fill the icing sleeve with yogurt, snip off the bottom and squeeze into bottle. If the tip of the condiment bottle is small, you can trim it down to make it more open for yogurt. Shake yogurt before using.

Purchase large containers of everything (except the margarine) and you’ll find that these products will last quite a long time. That makes it even cheaper!

Always be attentive to skin sensitivities that can develop, sometimes from out of nowhere, and discontinue use if you notice any irritation. It’s not very likely with these items, but be attentive and listen to your skin.

This may not be cutting edge science, or any radical cosmetic procedure, but for those of us who just want to age naturally AND as beautifully as possible, these items work wonders without draining what could be money for retirement. After the initial low set up cost, most of these food items last an incredibly long time, and the cost of maintenance is barely noticeable. Give it a try for a few weeks, and I’ll bet you’ll be getting rave comments about your complexion, even from day one!